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6 year old


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About Zeus

This very handsome boy is 6 year old Zeus, who was rehomed by us approx 18 months ago, but due to a change in circumstances he needs a new home. Zeus has been very much loved & cared for & this is a sad but necessary rehome so no negative comments please.

Zeus is neutered, vaccinated and microchipped.

He is not cat friendly!

Although Zeus is currently living with a small baby, we would like a home with children over 5 years for him please.

Zeus has not lived with a dog in the past but is fine with them on walks, and regularly goes to doggy daycare where he mixes
with lots of other dogs.

He is very friendly with visitors, and does love a cuddles! He does sometimes jump up to say hello, but soon calms and loves to just be with you.

Zeus is housetrained, loves travelling in the car and sleeps downstairs even though he is allowed to go upstairs he chooses to sleep there.

Zeus does have slight food possession issues and will growl if you go near his food.

Zeus has so many wonderful qualities about him BUT he does have severe separation anxiety & this does mean he needs a special home.

When left for even a short amount of time Zeus will toilet/ chew/ bark & generally get very distressed. He cannot be crated as he injures himself trying to get out. He has ripped up kitchen lino, etc etc when left & new owners MUST either be around pretty much all of the time, or invest a lot of time in working through this with Zeus.
In all other respects he is a wonderful, wonderful dog- but he does need work on this problem. We do have a behavioural support team for whoever is lucky enough to adopt Zeus.

Zeus is currently in Foster Care in Northamptonshire.

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