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4/5 year old


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About Zoya

This stunning girl is Zoya, who is approximately 4/5 yrs old and needs a new home as her owner feels she is not what Zoya needs.

Zoya is microchipped, vaccinated and spayed. Her current owner has had her for approximately 2 1/2 yrs.

We will not rehome Zoya with children as she has no known experience of them.
She chases cats so a feline free home please.

Zoya has not lived with another dog to current owners knowledge, and she has limited experiences of other dogs outside the home, so would be better rehomed as an only dog.

Zoya's owner has mixed her with some off lead dogs she knew, and Zoya was ok, until a small dog tried to take her ball and she growled. When Zoya's owner sees other dogs she clips Zoya back on the lead she will ignore some dogs, but others she will lunge and bark at.

Zoya does pull on the lead, her recall is good unless she finds a muddy puddle to have a lie down in!

Zoya is wary of strangers and needs to suss them out before accepting them. Her owner muzzles her when strangers come to the home, and Zoya did jump up at our assessor ,but not in an aggressive manner, more over excited, she got down immediately. She was a bit anxious about a stranger being there, chasing her tail etc, but settled eventually and lay down near her. She did accept treats through the muzzle - but was a bit snatchy.

If Zoya feels something is a threat to her or her owner he instint is to bark and lunge. Owner does not feel confident with Zoya, and she is likely picking up on her hesitancy & nerves.

We feel with a calm, confident , experienced owner she will flourish and come on leaps and bounds.

Zoya travels well in the car, is ok to be left short periods and is housetrained.

With some time and patience this girl will be an absolute diamond.

Currently in Newton Le Willows, Merseyside. 

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