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12 month old


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About Poppy

Poppy is a stunning 12 month old girl who needs a new home as her owners do not feel they can give her the time and training she needs.

Poppy is vaccinated, microchipped but not yet spayed. New owners will be required to sign a Neutering Contract which will be followed up with their vet.

Poppy cannot be rehomed with cats or small furries.

She currently lives with children aged 10 & 13 years and is fine with them and their visiting friends, so could live with older children again moving forward.

Poppy is good with visitors, she is very friendly, excitable & boisterous, but friendly nonetheless.
Although Poppy goes to doggy daycare & mixes comfortably and relaxed with other dogs,she happily plays rough with the biggers dogs , however, on walks she is very reactive to other dogs. This is totally workable with, and the rescue will happily provide experienced training help.
It will take time, patience and consistency but she is a bright girl, eager to learn so this is achievable.

Poppy will stick up for herself if another shows her aggression. She needs to remain an only dog for now, whilst her confidence is built around other dogs on walks.

Poppy sleeps downstairs in the kitchen, in a crate with the door open. She is housetrained, travels well in the car, and is ok being left short periods.

When our assessor walked Poppy she found her to be very strong & on high alert, even attempting to chase a van at one point.

Poppy lacks training, focus and confidence, she needs more stimulation than she is currently getting, and in the right experienced active home she will flourish.

A rough diamond, waiting to be polished.

Currently in Grittleton, Wiltshire. 

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If you would like to adopt or interested in Poppy, please completed our adoption form below, and member of our rehoming team will contact you, soon.

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