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12 month old


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12 years +



About Mia

This stunning young lady is 12 month old Mia, who needs an active experienced home.

Mia is vaccinated and microchipped but has not yet had her first season. New owner will be required to sign a Neutering Contract to spay her when she is old enough.

Mia cannot live with cats.

Mia would be ok with dog savvy children over 12 years of age.

Mia is a bouncy young girl who has never had any boundaries or direction . She is very excitable and does mouth through excitement, or when she is worried by something. This is not to be mistaken for aggression! Mia has a lot of energy to burn off, and although she knows lots of commands, her attention span is short. She needs a home that will commit to taking her to training classes - and we will require proof of this.

She is a great, affectionate girl who in the right home with the right calm, consistent guidance, and not expecting too much too soon - she will flourish.

Mia has not lived with another dog, but has met lots of dogs since being with us and she is really good. She would benefit from living with a large neutered male who would play with her, as she loves bouncing about with other dogs.

What Mia lacks in social skills and doggy etiquette- she more than makes up for with personality!

She is housetrained, travels well in the car and although a little vocal, she is ok left for short periods.

Mia has no toy or food possession issues, and although very slim when she arrived in our care, is filling out nicely on a good quality diet.

Mia is bouncy on the lead, but soon settles. Recall needs work.

Mia is a wonderful pup with a big heart who needs an active, experienced owner who will commit to investing time & training into her & love her for the great girl she is.

Currently in kennels in Preston, Lancashire. 

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If you would like to adopt or interested in Mia, please completed our adoption form below, and member of our rehoming team will contact you, soon.

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