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5 year old


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About Max

Sad to say that Max who went to a new home on 3 July had to come back into rescue. This was a genuine case of an unexpected recurrence of a medical issue suffered by adopter. Max was not in any way responsible. The adopter was distraught as Max had surpassed expectations.

Although Max had experienced little travel he has shown that he can settle well on a journey. Soon settled in at home where he enjoyed the change in routine from kennel environment. Happy to play or just relax with company. Liked attention but not in an always under your feet kind of way. He was clean in the home and on the odd occasion he was left alone showed no separation issues. Max is an affectionate and clever lad. Responds well in play and in performing training exercises: in his short stay in last home quickly picked up on wait and sit at road crossings.

Max needs a new home: preferably an adult home: older dog savvy children if any and needs to be an only pet.

A good sized garden would be great.

This lad needs and deserves his forever home.

Currently in kennels in Sunderland.

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