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15 month old


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10 years +



About Koda

This stunning girl is 15 month old Koda who needs a new home as her owner can no longer give her what she needs.

Koda is vaccinated and microchipped but not yet spayed. New owner will be required to sign a Neutering Contract which will be followed up with their vet.

Koda is a very bouncy girl with a lot of pent up energy, so too bouncy for young children. She would be fine with children over 10 years of age.

Although Koda lives with a cat, they are kept separate as she harasses it!

Koda hasn't been mixed with other dogs, but ignores them completely on walks. With some time gradually introducing her to other steady dogs, she could possibly live with them.

Koda does jump up at visitors, and sometimes mouths them, this is easily corrected with the right training.

She does chew when left so is crated, and is crated overnight also .

Koda is housetrained.

Koda would need to travel in a crate.

Koda loves toys & will happily play all day long.

Koda is rarely walked, so is very strong on the lead, and has no idea how to walk on the lead, all over the place. She needs time invested in proper training and an experienced owner to do this.

When our assessor walked Koda she didn't react to children, adults, bicycles etc.

Koda is a lovely natured girl, who has a wonderful temperament, but just needs some work training her and teaching her how to walk on the lead and she will flourish.

Currently in Banbury, Oxon. 

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If you would like to adopt or interested in Koda, please completed our adoption form below, and member of our rehoming team will contact you, soon.

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