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8 month old


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About Bruce

This handsome young man is 8 month old Bruce , who needs a new home as his owners do not feel they have time for him, and he is too strong for them.

Bruce is vaccinated, microchipped but obviously too young to neuter. New owners will be required to sign a Neutering Contract which will be followed up.

Bruce has never been around children, so older children only if any.

Although he does live with a cat, he will chase if it runs and the cat tends to stay away from him, so again a cat free home please.

Bruce hasn't lived with another dog, but is sociable with dogs, and just wants to play with them. He does pull towards them on walks to play, and is very strong- but is walked on a harness, which is totally unsuitable for dogs that pull. He is too boisterous for small dogs.

When people visit he is very excitable and does jump up, but this is easily corrected.

Bruce is quite a vocal boy, who does bark when left, in the car and when people go past the house. Some of this can be helped with correct exercise, stimulation , training etc.

This handsome boy is eager to learn and eager to please and would thrive on some structured training.

Currently in Chorley. Lancashire. 

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If you would like to adopt or interested in Bruce, please completed our adoption form below, and member of our rehoming team will contact you, soon.

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