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7 year old


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About Billy

This handsome boy is 7 year old Billy, who arrived in our care a while ago, from the hell hole of Romania.
Billy spent some time in foster care, kennels & then a new home, but sadly he was too much for the owner, and he now finds himself back in our care.

We need a very specific , unique home for Billy so please read his information thoroughly before applying to adopt him.
Billy is neutered, vaccinated and microchipped & up to date with flea and worming treatments.
Billy is almost completely blind, he has around 5% sight in one eye, which when stressed he loses that sight altogether. His sight is not going to ever be regained by any treatment, so he needs a very specific home.

We will not rehome Billy with any other pets. He needs a dog free environment please.

We will not rehome Billy with children of any age, and he would not cope with visiting children.

Billy is completely housetrained, and loves his food! He is currently on a diet as he gained too much weight in previous home & he is slimming down nicely.

Billy is obsessed with toys & has to always have a toy in his mouth, he will carry this around and often uses it when feeling his way around places, the toy acts as a buffer. He loves squeaky toys most of all!

Billy gets too stressed out on walks with the outside world & all its scary noises - so we are looking for a home with a decent sized garden for Billy to potter about in.

Billy does mouth when happy & excited & it hurts! This can be controlled with his toys but we doubt he will grow out of it anytime soon.

Due to his lack of sight Billy does not like being messed with for eg. groomed, ears examined, collar adjusted etc etc. He WILL bite if he feels threatened, and he WILL bite if you try to make him do something he doesnt want to, or that makes him uncomfortable. Please understand Billy is NOT aggressive, this is all because his dark world can be a scary place to be in.

Billy can be very affectionate, but its on his terms or not at all.

He does bump into things - but once he has learnt the pathway from indoors to the garden, he is fine. Experience of blind dogs would be a bonus- but not imperative.

Billy needs a home where the new owner rarely - if ever has visitors- as Billy will mouth them and get stressed. He needs a home that will leave him be - and not over do things with him. He cannot cope with being messed about with.
He is happy to just be fed, watered, lots of toys to carry around and know his boundaries. He asks very little - but will give so much.

Billy is currently in kennels in Preston, Lancashire waiting for the right home that MUST be his forever home.

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