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About Belle

This beautiful girl is 2 year old Belle who is looking for a very special kind of home.

Belle was originally rehomed by us at 9 months old, but came back into rescue due to owners ill health. She was then rehomed to what we thought was an ideal placement- however after doing far too much , far too soon- including giving Belle a bath before she had even entered her new home- Belle went into meltdown & jumped up at the lady growling. Hardly surprising that Belle has taken a few weeks to relax with us & trust us & she is now ready for her FOREVER home.

Belle had puppy vaccinations, is microchipped , and is not yet spayed. We do not know when her last season was, so new owner will be required to sign a Neutering contract, which will be followed up.

Belle cannot live with cats. We will not rehome Belle with children under 12 years of age.

Belle is a young, very energetic dog, who wasnt walked for months in her previous home. She does jump up and bite the lead when walking her, and we are working hard to correct this behaviour.

Belle has never had any boundaries set, or training so is quite an unruly girl in some respects. She does not trust easily, and needs a lot of time, space & understanding before she will allow you to do anything with her. New owners must let her come to them in her own time & not push her too much too soon, or she will react badly. She has never bitten or shown true aggression but if pushed we feel she may well cross that line.

Belle does tend to jump up a lot and still mouths- again time & training will fix this issue.

Belle has not been socialised with other dogs at all, so does bark and pull to get towards them, but its more excited and unsure how to behave , than aggression.

Belle is a complex little soul who needs an experienced, calm but firm owner who will give her space.

Belle is housetrained, travels ok in the car, and doesnt chew or mess when left. She has no idea how to play with toys, and the only way we connected with her was with hotdog sausages!

Belle will need to meet her new owners a few times before taking her home, as she is not a girl who can be rushed!
Belle so desperately needs an experienced, pet free home who will take things very slowly with her & allow her to trust humans again.

Currently in kennels in Preston, Lancashire.

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If you would like to adopt Belle please completed our adoption form below, and member of our rehoming team will contact you, soon.

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