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Is a 3 year old, female German Shepherd.
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This little beauty is Hilda who needs a new home as she is currently living with another two entire bitches and is stressed by being dominated by the eldest one in the pack.

Hilda is a 3 year old semi long haired bitch: not spayed: only had puppy vaccinations: she is microchipped

She is OK with people. When our assessor visited she was inquisitive, but did not come near: lay beside her owner. She did come when there was the prospect of a treat and responded well to basic commands to earn the treat. Hilda is said to be fine with children from 5 upwards, but as she is initially a little shy of strangers we believe that she would be best with older children, if any: children who can be relied on to respect the dog's space.

Currently lives with two entire bitches. An 8 year old GSD who is constantly dominating Hilda and a 5 months old Italian Greyhound. On walks she is said to ignore most dogs, but will tell them off if they get into her personal space. No dogs were met while on a short walk with assessor, but she did not react to dogs heard barking. She may be able to settle with another dog, but it would need to be a neutered male with a calm and confident nature. Not known with cats.

On lead she is quite strong, but manageable. Currently walked on a slip lead, but owner tends to take dogs to areas where they can be off lead. Definitely needs lead training. Off lead recall is said to be good. Hilda did go for obedience training just over a year ago, but owner says it was not a success. It seems unlikely though that training has been reinforced on a consistent basis.

Hilda travels well. Owner says she settles well and has been unrestrained on passenger seat.

Hilda has been used to being left for longish periods. When left on her own she has some freedom in the home, but if left with the other dogs she is crated. Hilda is housetrained.

With a calm settling in period in a new home and the opportunity to bond with new owners Hilda will become increasingly responsive. She would benefit from continued training and socialisation. A new owner may wish to assess whether training should start on a one to one basis before moving on to a group situation. We have no doubt that Hilda will flourish in the right hands.

Currently in Teesside.