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Currently in kennels near Preston, Lancashire.

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Is a 6 year old, male.
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billy-01-20001006.jpg billy-01-20001005.jpg
Billy here!! Well Bills Pills Aunty Suze calls me cos she says its like Im on happy pills! I cant help being high on life!

Well I wondered if you knew all about me, cos nobody seems to know how wonderful I am, so I thought I'd tell ya!

Im 6 years old now, neutered and all that silly stuff the vet does!

Seems Ive been very misunderstood in my past home & foster home & I just want to play, be with people and have toys! Oh and lots of food! I loves me grub!

Im pretty much completely blind you see, and not many understand what I need.

I do bump into stuff, but it doesnt hurt much! Im tough anyway!

I love being with other dogs, but not many dogs 'get' me. Im a bit special you see. They need to be able to put up with me bumping into them, and nipping them to get them to play, once they play I am the submissive one anyway!!

I do use my mouth a lot to communicate, as I havent been taught otherwise, but Aunty Suze & Uncle Kev have worked on this apparently and now I only mouth gently!

I do get snatchy with toys and food, but its only cos I cant see it! So I dont think I can be around kiddies sorry!

I am housetrained, but being blind means I need leading to the right place, once Ive figured out the route, I am good!

I am bouncy, playful, full on, cheeky & sometimes gobby- but its only because I am finally having my puppyhood!

Bills Pills work overtime, so I am always ready for fun, even in the middle of the night!

I love my walks, & dont pull, I do need guiding away from obstacles & traffic, and if things get too close and startle me I might nip them. But I dont mean it nastily , honest, I just get scared of things sometimes.

Sooooo now you know my good bits & my bad bits, can you open your heart & home to a cheeky blind puppy in a grown up body?

Im staying with Aunty Suze & Uncle Kev in kennels in Preston, until the most wonderful, bestest home on this earth steps forward for me.

See you later,
Woof from Bills Pills. xxxx