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Currently in Newcastle upon Tyne.
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I'm a 3 year old, female German Shepherd.
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This lovely little lady is Kira who needs a new home as mobility problems means Mum has very sadly realised that she is unable to meet all of Kira's needs.

Kira is 3 years old: entire: up to date with vaccinations: microchipped.

A friendly girl who likes to inspect her visitors before giving her seal of approval. Kira has not lived with children but has regular visits from a 5 and 7 year old and is fine with them.

Kira lives with two other dogs: an 8 year old male GSD and a 13 year old male Lurcher. She is good with them, but she can be reactive to other dogs outside. Her reaction is variable. Our assessor encountered 3 dogs while walking Kira: the first was walking ahead and Kira was pulling to catch up: the second passed from the other direction and while she showed interest there was no strong reaction: the third one Kira began to tense up and barked, growled and pulled aggressively towards.

Kira lives with three dog savvy cats. She didn't bother the cats during the assessment, but she will occasionally stalk them: her game which is not always appreciated by the cats. However when warned off by the cats it's game over and she has never caused harm.

Kira needs lead training. Currently walked on a normal collar with a short lead. As she is constantly pulling it is difficult to correct her. This will also add to her problem with other dogs as when the lead is taut any tension felt by the owner when dogs approach will be communicated through the lead. Would suggest that new owners consider using a half check collar or a Halti head collar with a training lead.

This little lady is intelligent. Indoors Kira responded well to commands from out assessor including sit, down, paw and stay while a treat was put down and waited to be told before collecting the treat. She does respond outdoors, but is easily distracted by scents and loses focus on handler completely when she sees other dogs.

Kira loves the car and travels well restrained on rear seat.

She is housetrained, but has been known to have the odd accident if left for more than an hour and a half. This could well be down to lack of adequate exercise and opportunity to toilet before being left as she shows no sign of separation anxiety.

Kira would be best placed as an only dog. Another rescue has attempted two introductions involving other dogs and both have failed. She has been successfully introduced to a young SBT which visits with a friend. This would suggest that she could be introduced to a new dog at a later stage after bonding, training and careful socialisation in her new home.

A lovely family pet who should have no difficulty bonding with a new family including children over 7 years of age. She should also be able to live with dog savvy cats. Given appropriate exercise, training and careful socialisation this little girl will learn to relax and flourish into a great family pet.

Currently in Newcastle upon Tyne.