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Currently in Newcastle-under-lyme, Staffordshire.
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I'm a 9 month old, male Belgian Shepherd.
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Denzil is a very handome Belgian Shepherd who at only 9 months old has had an awful life so far.

Denzil was rescued by his current owners from living in a dark garage, fed scraps from a takeaway, no contact with the outside world, and living in his own excrement. Thankfully this family took him out of there to give him a chance at life.

Denzil is now vaccinated and microchipped, but still entire.

Not known how he is with cats, so we wont risk it.

Denzil is fine with 11 year old child he now lives with, so could be ok with older children.
Denzil has moved in with another dog, and although there is no aggression at all, he is constantly harrassing the other dog to play. It's so exciting having another dog to play with, so he isnt giving him a minutes peace! This in turn is stressing the other dog- so Denzil needs a new home.
Denzil has no malice in him, just over excitement, and rough play. He jumps up at visitors, trying to lick faces. This is easily corrected with training.

As Denzil has only ever known the inside of a garage as his home, he needs to learn how to live in a home environment, and is picking up housetraining quite well. He is very intelligent and eager to please.
Denzil is crated overnight and when left, as he does chew things. He travels ok in the car, but needs a little encouragement to get in.

On walks he gets highly excited when he sees other dogs or people. With time & more life experience, he will calm down, this is all very new to him, as he has only been out of the garage a week or so.
With the right owner willing to take time to teach Denzil, he will flourish. He has a cracking temperament, considering the life he has had so far.

A brilliant dog for an active home.

Currently in Newcastle-under-lyme, Staffordshire.