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Currently in the West Midlands.
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I'm a 18 month old,female German Shepherd.
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Callie is an 18 month old speyed bitch who is a black and tan short coat.

She is up to date with vaccinations, worming and flea treatment and is microchipped.

Her current owners rehomed her at 7 months old from a home where she had very negative experiences with children so a child free home would be needed.

She is a small and lively dog who knows a few basic commands such as sit, wait, down etc but doesn’t always follow them as she should!

Her recall is not reliable and she exercises on a long line as she reacts badly to people when she is off lead and is choosy about the dogs she meets. When she meets a strong and confident dog she is settled and relaxes and will play.

Callie is very nervous of new people and new situations and has nipped in her current home.

She licks excessively and is fascinated by shadows but loves her toys and likes to play.

She is very nervous of people coming into her home and will need very careful introductions.

She walks well on her harness and does not pull too much but is still wary of buses and some situations outside the house. Her current owners have worked hard to resolve some of her issues and she now needs an experienced and patient owner who will resolve her nervous aggression with confidence and skill and help her become the dog she was always meant to be.

Currently in the West Midlands.