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Currently in kennels in Sunderland.
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I'm a 2 year old, male German Shepherd.
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Blue needs a new home after coming back into rescue recently.

Blue is 2 years of age: Entire: vaccinated: microchipped.

Blue's first home after being bought as a pup was with a single Mum with a young child who did not have the experience or the time to help him develop. After a period in kennels Blue went into foster through another rescue where he lived with a child as well as a small dog. The fosterer did not want to give Blue up but was not prepared to commit to adoption and Blue came back and this time into the care of UK-GSR. He was rehomed by us and spent 2 months in this home but the family felt that they could not meet his needs.

Blue is young and bouncy and a bit wilful. He can mouth, particularly if not getting his own way, but he will respond to firm direction. Blue is better with men, and a bit unpredictable with women. While he has given the odd growl he has never been outright aggressive and never bitten.

With careful introduction to other dogs Blue will happily mix and enjoys the chase and a good rough and tumble. He regularly runs with two bitches and while his natural instinct is to be top dog he knows when he has met his match. Again if he gets overexcited he will respond to firm direction.

Not known with cats and would not risk.

Blue has always been clean in his previous homes and is clean in his kennel. Has been left for a few hours without being in any way destructive.

Blue travels well: in my experience tethered in rear of estate.

He walks well on lead and his recall is good. Rarely ventures far without checking in and if he does get a bit far he responds immediately to his name or to being whistled.

Blue needs an experienced and confident owner. In the home there needs to be clear boundaries for Blue to observe. He needs continued and consistent training. Having started life with a back street breeder he is one of the unlucky ones that has missed out on good and consistent handling having moved around several homes, but throughout it all he has never done any harm. In the right hands this boy will be a real cracker.

Currently in kennels in Sunderland.